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LUS-75 Camp Unit

LUS-75 Camp Unit

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Approved by the Louisiana Department of Public Health and Hospitals as defined in Chapter 13 of the Louisiana Sanitation Code as a Limited Use Sewage Treatment System.

The LUS-75 Camp Unit works with the environment to accelerate the natural biological process by which bacteria consumes waste. This process is simple, odor free and safe for the environment!

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A Licensed Plumber is NOT REQUIRED for installation of this unit. You can do it yourself!

LUS-75 Camp Unit comes complete with:

• 120 Volt Linear Air Pump
• Hose and Hose Adapter
• Louisiana State ID Tag
Blue Crystal Disinfecting Tablets
Sum uh dat Bio-Activator & Waste Degrader
Sum uh dat Bio-Enhancer & Odor Controller

LUS-75 Camp Unit Features:

    1. Compact and Lightweight
      • Dimensions: 45″ L x 24″ W x 22″ H
      • Dry Weight 60 lbs and Operating Weight 600 lbs after filling with water
    2. Durable
      • Constructed of Black HD Polyethylene
      • Not affected by UV Rays
      • Corrosion Resistant
    3. Flexible
      • Operates in Fresh Water and Sea Water
      • Treats both Black Water and Gray Water
    4. Easy to Install
      • Gravity operated
      • Install above or below ground
      • Plumbed with PVC pipe
    5. Simple to Maintain

The LUS-75 Camp Unit is a Limited Use Sewage System as defined in Chapter 13 of the Louisiana Sanitation Code and should only be used in camps or structures occupied less than four (4) days per week and less than 100 gallons of sanitary sewage is generated per day.


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